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Preparing for Storm Season in NEPA

6/11/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Preparing for Storm Season in NEPA Be Ready for the Storm.

2019 Summer and Storm Season is Here! 

Stay Safe all Summer long by practicing safety tips during severe weather.

1. Know your evacuation routes. Be sure to have discussed or have a written evacuation plan. The National Weather Service recommends you have a plan of action mapped out in case you are pressed for time.

2. Create a home safety kit. The Department of Homeland Security recommends you have:

  • Enough water for each person to have a gallon a day
  • Three-day supply of non-perishable food
  • Battery-powered radio with extra batteries
  • Flashlight
  • Whistle
  • First Aid Kit
  • Garbage bags
  • Towelettes
  • Phone chargers
  • Duct tape
  • Wrench or pliers
  • Local map
  • Manual can opener

Be sure that your safety kit is in an easy-to-locate area such as a kitchen counter or coffee table.

  • Stay alert. Use your emergency radio to stay up-to-date on the storm’s progress and any additional dangers it may bring to your area.
  • Head to a safe part of your home. Stay away from windows in case of flying glass.
  • Keep your refrigerator cold.Turn your refrigerator to the coldest setting so that your food will last longer if the power goes out.
  • Keep your family in the loop. Once you are in a safe place, try reaching out to friends and loved ones to let everyone know you are okay. Nothing is more reassuring than knowing someone is safe.

June is National Safety Month

6/3/2019 (Permalink)

Community June is National Safety Month Have a safe and fun Summer!

The National Safety Council observes June as National Safety Month. As we head into summer with abundant grill outs, fireworks, swimming, bike riding and more, be sure to stay safe all month and season long. Below are some safety tips you can follow to ensure you and your loved ones have a safe and enjoyable summer! 

1. Keep your grill away from your home, trees, and any structures. 

2. Keep food stored appropriately until it's time for grilling to prevent sickness. 

3. Remember the importance of SPF and taking breaks from being out in the sun and heat. 

4. Use caution when in the water, and swim with a buddy if you can. 

5. Wear appropriate helmets and knee pads when biking.

6. Wear life jackets while boating.

7. Hydrate!

8. Use fireworks one at a time, outdoors and away from any buildings or vehicles. 

9. Make yourself a chemical free bug repellent to keep the pests away. 

10. Drive Safer - there will be more cars on the road.

Wishing you a safe, relaxing, and fun summer ahead! 

Commercial Duct Cleaning in Pittston, PA

5/17/2019 (Permalink)

Cleaning Commercial Duct Cleaning in Pittston, PA Don't neglect your commercial HVAC System

Importance of Cleaning your Commercial HVAC System 

  • Most of the allergy-aggravating contaminants will be removed from your system
  • Your HVAC will operate more efficiently and effectively
    • Helps to restore peak energy efficiency.
    • May help to eliminate offensive odors.
    • Helps reduce the potential for mold growth.
    • Recognition from guests and customers of a very clean environment.

NADCA’s rule of thumb for consumers is that “if your air ducts look dirty, they probably are,” and that dirty HVAC systems should be inspected by a reputable, certified HVAC professional. Below are some other reasons homeowners choose to have their air ducts cleaned.

When to know it's time to have the ducts cleaned. 

  • There is visible mold growth inside ducts or on other components of your heating and cooling system
  • Ducts are infested with rodents or insects
  • Ducts are clogged with excessive amounts of dust and debris
  • Particles are released from your supply registers

We can quickly and efficiently clean your HVAC System 

SERVPRO Franchise Professionals routinely inspect the heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit (HVAC).  Keeping them clean can extend the life of the equipment. This can in turn save you money and give you cleaner air to breathe.

However, duct cleaning is not always necessary. We will make recommendations about the best way to address any indoor air quality concerns. This can save you money and provide peace of mind on the health of your system.

For more information on HVAC and air duct cleaning, call us today, (570) 714-0090.

We love the NEPA Community!

5/9/2019 (Permalink)

Community We love the NEPA Community! Do you have an organization you're passionate about? We'd love to hear about it!

SERVPRO of Kingston, Pittston City and Wyoming County takes great pride in being a part of the community.

We want to do our part to ensure the community thrives by helping those less fortunate, keeping the area safe and making our community the best it can be. Since our inception in 2016, we have been very proud to be part of these organizations in some way: 


  • Accredited with the Better Business Bureau
  • American Red Cross
  • Business Networking International 
  • CASA of Luzerne County 
  • Community Reading Day
  • Funeral Directors Association 
  • Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce
  • Head Start Program
  • PGA Tour
  • Toys for Tots
  • Tunkhannock Rotary Club
  • Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce

Commitment to our community is one of our core values as a business. 

If you have an organization you are passionate about, our team would love to hear about it! 

Storm Damage to my home in NEPA

5/2/2019 (Permalink)

Storm Damage Storm Damage to my home in NEPA Do you have storm damage to your home?

Summer Severe Storm Season in NEPA

After a very stormy 2018 summer season, it's best for us to prepare for the worst during summer 2019. July 2018 turned out to be the fourth wettest month since records began in 1888 and an EF 2 Tornado also tore through a popular shopping plaza in Wilkes-Barre, PA. Both of these situations are exactly why it is important to prepare for storms and know what to do in these situations. 

Severe Storm Safety Tips 

No matter what part of NEPA you live in, it's always important to keep severe storm safety in mind. 

  • Always keep a battery-powered radio in your home so that you can tune to radio stations if you lose electricity. Check or change the batteries frequently.

  • Keep a supply of candles on hand for power failures.

  • As a safety precaution before leaving the house on vacation, unplug all electrical appliances except for those lights connected to automatic timers.

  • If you live in a storm-prone area, nail down roof shingles or use adequate adhesive to keep them from blowing off in a violent wind. For roofs with shingles that are not the seal-down type, apply a little dab of roofing cement under each tab.

  • Don't go out during a hurricane unless you have to; however, if flooding threatens, seek high ground, and follow the instructions of civil defense personnel.

  • When a major storm is imminent, close shutters, board windows, or tape the inside of larger panes with an "X" along the full length of their diagonals. Even a light material like masking tape may give the glass the extra margin of strength it needs to resist cracking.
  • When a tornado threatens, leave windows slightly ajar.

  • Keep an eye on large trees -- even healthy ones -- that could damage your house if felled in a storm. Cut them back, if necessary.
  • Keep an eye on the sky. If the sky looks threatening, take shelter and don't go outside. 

Stay safe this season and always remember our SERVPRO franchise can respond to a storm emergency, 24/7/365 - 570-714-0090. 

Why Choose SERVPRO?

5/2/2019 (Permalink)

Why SERVPRO Why Choose SERVPRO? We're proud to be a leader in the restoration industry.

There are many Restoration Companies in the Field. What makes SERVPRO different? 

Mandatory Certifications: 

Upon hire, our production technicians and chiefs are required to receive their restoration certifications and training. Before they step foot onto an emergency loss, they are fully educated on the restoration process. Below are the certifications that our employees receive with SERVPRO when joining our team. 


  • ASD - Applied Structural Drying Technician
  • ECTP - Employee Certification Training Program
  • FSRT - Fire & Smoke Damage Restoration Technician
  • IICRC Certified Firm
  • RRRP - Lead-Based Paint Activities and Renovation
  • WRT - Water Damage Restoration Technician

Advanced Equipment & Technology:

Recent years have seen a rapid advancement in the equipment and process used in the restoration industry. These changes allow us to restore a property back to preloss condition quickly, reliably, and more effectively. We use equipment that is Institute of Inspection Cleaning and Restoration Certification approved.

Fast 24 Hour Response: 

This is Simple. We respond to Emergency Situations 24/7 365 days a year. In an emergency, you can expect a response from our team all hours of the day. 

Customer Satisfaction:

We pride ourselves on customer satisfaction and explaining the restoration process to our customers from start to finish. Hear what our customers are saying! 

"SERVPRO is one of the best companies around. John and his crew are fast, efficient, professional, honest and courteous. I am highly satisfied in the service I received for water restoration in my home. I would recommend this company to anyone who is in a water crisis. John and his crew promptly ensured that minimal damage was done to my home by a buster water source."

— Theresa D. in Exeter, PA

Community is Important: 

Since our franchise opened in 2016 our community has been very important to us. We want to help the community thrive by assisting those in need, keeping the area safe and making the area the best it can be. Below are a few organizations we have had the pleasure of being part of:

  • Accredited with the Better Business Bureau
  • American Red Cross
  • CASA of Luzerne County 
  • Community Reading Day
  • Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce
  • Head Start Program
  • PGA Tour
  • Toys for Tots
  • Tunkhannock Rotary Club
  • Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce

Commercial Property Water Damage Tunkhannock, PA

5/2/2019 (Permalink)

Commercial Commercial Property Water Damage Tunkhannock, PA We can help your business get back up and running following an emergency.

Following an emergency at your Tunkhannock business, we can be there to help. 

Your business appearance speaks volumes to your customers. So when the need arises for emergency restoration services, we have the training and expertise to help make it “Like it never even happened.”

There's never a good time for fire or water damage to strike your property. Every hour spent cleaning up is an hour of lost revenue and productivity. So when an emergency situation arises in your business, give us a call and we'll be there fast with the help you need. 

Below are some of the Commercial Properties we have done restoration work for: 

- Commonwealth Health System 

- Dallas School District 

- Dundee Gardens 

- Eagle Ridge

- Grotto Pizza 

- Holiday Inn 

- Latter-day Saints

- OfficeMax

- Pittston Housing Authority 

- Planet Fitness

- Preservation Management Inc. 

- Red Leaf Salad Company 

- Ross Stores 

- SDK Apartments 

- Shadowbrook Resort 

- Weis Markets

- Wilkes-Barre Housing Authority 

- Wyoming Area School District 

- Wyoming Seminary School District 


Did you know the air in your Tunkhannock Home is 10 times dirtier than the air outside?

5/2/2019 (Permalink)

Cleaning Did you know the air in your Tunkhannock Home is 10 times dirtier than the air outside? Keep your air clean!

Keeping the Air Clean in Your Tunkhannock Home

During the Spring and Summer months, allergens accumulate and fill areas of your home or office with dust, dust mites, animal dander, mold and other unhealthy elements. Unless you address the situation now, the air quality will continue to deteriorate.

We want to ensure that you and your property are properly prepared for the upcoming season. Therefore, we would like to offer you some helpful tips that will adequately prepare your property for the Spring:

  • Eliminate mold and mildew indoors by cleaning under the refrigerator, washing and disinfecting garbage cans, scrubbing bathrooms, and cleaning or changing shower curtains

  • Remove any wet debris from around the home or office, as mold spores are airborne particles that can easily float indoors

  • Schedule to have your chimney cleaned within the next month. Excessive buildup of creosote and debris, as well as miscellaneous branches, leaves and animal nests can create a dangerous situation as it increases the potential to spark a chimney fire.

  • Remember not to ignore your ductwork, vents and HVAC systems. Unnecessary dirt and debris can pose a serious threat to the health of your family or employees if they are not properly maintained. 

Looking to have your air ducts/HVAC system cleaned. Our team offers those services! For more information on HVAC and air duct cleaning, call us today, (570) 714-0090.

Celebrating 3 Years of Business

4/29/2019 (Permalink)

Community Celebrating 3 Years of Business Thank you to everyone who made it possible!

SERVPRO of Kingston, Pittston City and Wyoming County Celebrates 3 Years in Business.

On Saturday, April 27th, 2019, SERVPRO of Kingston, Pittston City and Wyoming County celebrated 3 years since opening our doors for business. Our franchise has come a long way since that day in 2016 and we have all of you to thank for that. 

When franchise owner, John Lazo, first opened the business, his goal was to provide the best customer service to our customers in the restoration industry. Raised in Northeastern Pennsylvania, John prides himself on a work ethic handed down from his family.

NEPA has a reputation of hard working people and what better area to operate a business where we set the standard for excellence. Our franchise has continued to grow every year from day 1 and we look forward to serving you for your residential or commercial needs.

We are very proud to be a leader in Fire & Water Damage Restoration and also part of our community. We've been honored to be affiliated with the following organizations: 

  • Accredited with the Better Business Bureau
  • American Red Cross
  • Business Networking International 
  • CASA of Luzerne County
  • Community Reading Day
  • Greater Wilkes-Barre Chamber of Commerce
  • Northeast Sight Services
  • PGA Tour
  • Tunkhannock Rotary Club Member
  • Toys for Tots
  • Wyoming County Chamber of Commerce

Thank you to everyone who has made this 3 year anniversary possible! 

Flooded Basement in Pittston, PA

4/17/2019 (Permalink)

Water Damage Flooded Basement in Pittston, PA Flooded Basement? We can help!

Flooded basement or water damage in your basement? We can help! 

Many of us have been there before - Headed to complete a load of laundry only to discover a flooded basement or water damage in areas of the basement. This can be an extremely stressful situation for homeowners and unfortunately can disrupt your normal lifestyle. Not only is water in your home an inconvenience, excessive water and moisture in the home may pose a health risk for occupants. Water also has a destructive effect on many building materials and contents. Effectively restoring a flooded Pittston, PA basement is essential for the home owner and occupants of the home. 

Priority Response 

Properly restoring a flooded basement requires training, expertise and specialized equipment. In addition to understanding the technical aspects of water damage restoration, our team values and respects your home and belongings throughout the process. They will also keep you updated during the project on the work progression. 

It is important for our franchise to respond to the storm damage as quickly as possible to assess the damage. The length of time the water is in the structure before restoration begins is a very critical factor. If the water has been in the structure for an extended period of time, damage is much more severe. Even if the water was a clean source originally, bacteria, mold and other microbiological growth may create an unsanitary condition that poses a threat to the health of occupants of the home. 

Assessing the Flood Damage

Our SERVPRO of Kingston, Pittston City and Wyoming County franchise standard requires  specialized equipment and training. Our technicians are IICRC certified prior to beginning work within our franchise and trained to assess the damage on each loss location. We begin a storm damage loss by detecting the moisture trapped within the walls, ceilings, floors and other locations not visible from the exterior surface. Once the damaged area is identified, we extract any standing water, and then drying techniques are used to ventilate, evaporate and dehumidify the environment. 

As warmer temperatures approach along with severe weather, we are here to help following a storm and damage that comes along with it. We can be reached 24/7/365 - 570-714-0090.